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President's Message

[i][size]We have three objectives for WWPS: (1) for us all to have fun with photography and our organization, (2) for us all to learn more about photography and share our knowledge with each other, and (3) to continue to support the arts and our community.

Most meetings will have three parts. First, we’ll have a guest speaker on one of a variety of subjects. We'd like us to see a broad range of photography and techniques that guest speakers can bring. Second, most meetings will feature a mini-class on photography. We’ll take about 30 minutes and have an instructor teach some aspect of photography. For example, we’ve had lessons on lenses, one on exposure and properly using light meters, another on depth of field, a lesson on histograms and how to use them, a class on digital painting, one on posing and lighting, and several sessions on techniques such as shooting portraits, landscapes, sports, and children. The third event at each meeting will be a “photo challenge” in which I’ll give you an objective of the month and ask you to photograph something that meets the objective. Bring a print of any size to the meeting for display. We’ll all vote on the images best meets the objective of the month. The winner will receive a very nice “people’s choice” ribbon. The image will then be placed on the website for all to see and admire. Our meetings should be enlightening, we’ll learn something, and we’ll have fun.

We have a great website with lots of information you need to know ( It is important for you to check the website often. Put it in your favorites list or on your desktop links. The website to be the primary means of getting information to you, instead of trying to email everyone or make a zillion telephone calls. If something changes, we'll post it in the news section on the front page. Everything you want to know about WWPS should be there. Got a question about something? Check the website and you’ll probably find the answer. But remember, it’s your responsibility to check the site often to stay up to date.

Now a word about your role. As members we have some exceptional benefits that most organizations only dream about. First, we rent a great place to meet without cost to you, with a permanent work room and equipment that all members can use free. We have a mat cutter, framing tools, a shrink wrapper, a set of studio lights, a lightmeter, external flash units for Canon and Nikon cameras, sofboxes, lightstands, reflectors and diffusers, several backdrops, a backdrop stand, a digital projector, and a portable screen. (Contact a WWPS officer to check out the equipment or use the workroom). We also get some great guest speakers for our meetings without cost to the members, and we can attend meetings without charge. This is not the case in many organizations. We have the most incredible library of up-to-date books and DVDs of any photo club I’ve ever seen. You may check out materials from the library for one month at a time. Also, we get a booth at the Annual Arts for All festival where you can display and sell your photographs, again without the cost that the other vendors have to pay. And the best part is that our annual dues are only 10 bucks. Do the math and you’ll quickly see that $10 each isn’t even a measurable fraction of what it costs to provide the benefits you enjoy. As a member group of Lawton Arts For All, we get our annual funding in proportion to how much volunteer work we do to help raise funds for the arts. We earn money for the club by helping with fund raising activities, setup/teardown at the AFA Festival and Gala, serving breakfast to the festival artists, and manning booths at the Arts for All Festival. Our members support the AFA Gala photo booth and volunteer to help setup and tear down afterwards. The more we do, the more funding we get to pay for the things the club offers you. If you enjoy the benefits of WWPS, then raise your hand and be able to say you helped assure the future of WWPS. Since we only ask for $10 a year in dues, I consider your volunteering as the rest of your dues since it raises money to support the activities you enjoy. Besides, we have a great group of people and always have a lot of fun working together.

The Officers and Board members are dedicated and excited to make WWPS even better. We’ll have a lot of fun, we’ll learn and lot and share a lot, and we’ll all become even better friends than we were before.